In the face of escalating climate impacts, the need for climate leadership within educational institutions has become paramount. School boards play a critical role in shaping the educational landscape and have the power to set goals for student achievement, well being and equity, monitor progress against the board’s strategic goals, and allocate resources towards priorities. Climate Leadership within Canadian School Boards: 2023 Review delves into the significance of climate leadership within school boards, highlighting the essential role they play in orienting education systems to be responsive to the climate crisis.

Suggested citation: Field, E. & Howlett, S. (2023). Climate leadership within Canadian School Boards: 2023 Review. https://climatechangelearningcanada.org/2023-review/

Dr. Ellen Field is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education. Her research is focused on policy and practice of climate change education in Canada K-12 and higher education systems. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenfield/

Sidney Howlett is the Board and Program Manager with EcoSchools Canada, leading the development of a new school board climate action program. Sidney is also a Master of Education Candidate and Research Analyst at Lakehead University. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sidney-howlett/

Video: Benchmarking Climate Change Policy Across Canadian School Boards: A Few Leaders & Many Laggards

In this session from the 2023 NAAEE Research Symposium, Ellen and Sidney provide a 10-minute overview of the Climate Leadership within Canadian School Boards: 2023 Review.

NAAEE2023RS-Benchmarking Climate Change Pol. Across Canad. School Boards:A Few Leaders&Many Laggards

This review is a living document, which will be updated annually.

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